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If you are new to gold making or a advanced gold maker, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you stay up-to-date with the latest news about gold making in World of Warcraft and what better way to start here.

Here can find info about crafting, farming, flipping, addons, gold making streamers, YouTube channels, other handy websites and much more.

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Prices Are Gonna Change In 8.1

With the latest datamining from WoWHead it seems that patch 8.1 won’t bring a lot of goods for gold making. A lot of consumables will become cheaper to craft. That means that prices will drop for the items as for the materials. Now it’s not a sure if they will

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Background Sniping

What is sniping? Sniping is a function in TSM that lets you just posted items below a certain price you. The moment it shows up you will get a sound notification from TSM and it will show up in your TSM UI and buy it straightaway. Why should you use

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Good Time To Transfer

For now the token prices are low, but the question is for how long. So besides buying your tokens for game time, you can also use them to increase your battlenet balance. You can use that to buy a pet, mount, character level boost or even a transfer. I myself

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Sniping Uldir BoE’s

One of the great things about a raid release is sniping for the low/wrong priced high level BoE’s from Uldir to flip. Now you can do a search on the auction house, but most of the time you will be to late to find any. Sniping is your answer and

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Gold Making With The Warfronts

With the warfront daily quests you can make some nice gold if you are doing it right. How? There are daily quests for Horde as Alliance that requires you to contribute items to the warfronts. This means that certain crafts as materials are gonna move in price and you can

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